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When it comes to your wedding day, you want fabulous hair to match your dream dress. Knowing some key hair mistakes can be just as important as achieving your desired hairstyle. It’s all about choosing the right hairstyle to match your personality and wedding style.

Here are some top hair tips to help with your planning and styling process.

Don’t choose only one inspiration photo

It is quite easy to find one inspiration photo and think you have found your style. Please keep in mind, by choosing only one photo, it is much harder for me to grasp your wedding concept and vision. It is much more helpful if you have a compilation of varying styles and photos. We both then can determine what you do and don’t like about each photo. That way I am able to create and personalise your perfect style.

Don’t schedule your trial too early

Its all about the timing, if you organise your trial too soon, you may find yourself second guessing your chosen hairstyle. The perfect time is 1-3 months out from your wedding day. That way your wedding style has been determined, you have received your dress and your accessories have been purchased.

Don’t alter your hair too close to the wedding

This is not the time to try a new cut and colour. If you are planning on a haircut or colour close to your wedding, it is best to bring along your trial picture to the salon. That way your hair can be tailored to suit your wedding style.

For more colour tips, click the below link.

Don’t have unrealistic expectations

Have an open mind with your chosen hairstyle and seeing it in person. Remember your face shape or hair thickness may not look exactly like the photos. It is best to personalise your chosen style to work for you, not against you. Get to know your own hair and what looks best on you.

 Don’t get too many opinions

While it is ok to get some opinions of your chosen hairstyle, remember too many cooks spoil the broth. Only ask one or two people their opinions, that way you can try to avoid conflicting advice.

Remember to be open minded throughout this process. I am here for you to help everything to transform to the wedding of your dreams 😊

Don’t touch your hair too much

While it is ok to touch your hair a little to get it out of your face, try your best not to touch it too much.

Heat is one of the ways that breaks and changes the hydrogen bonds in your hair. This is great when we are styling and reshaping your hair to create beautiful styles, however our hands also radiate heat. If we touch our hair too much, the heat from our hands starts to break down the bonds and in turn your hairstyle will drop.

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