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3 hair hacks for amazing hair prep!

clean hair is best

Think about this – your hairs primary function is to absorb, whether that be product, water, chemicals etc. When your hair is dirty, it has a build-up of oil. When oil coats something, it acts as a barrier, therefore your hair has a much harder job retaining anything. If your hair cannot absorb product, your style will flop much quicker than hair that is freshly washed.

avoid product nasties

Avoid products that have parabens, silicones, isopropyl alcohol, and sulphates. some examples include, Pantene, Palmolive, TRESemme, Sun Silk etc – these are some of the worst culprits. Most “cheap” supermarket brands have some or all of these ingredients. These nasties affect how your hair acts and handles styling products, which affects your hairstyle.

no hot tools

Heat changes the Hydrogen Bonds in your hair which helps “set” the shape we are trying to achieve. If you straighten your hair then try to curl it, it won’t last/curl as well as hair that has only heat treated once.

There are additional hacks waiting for you to discover within your online bridal portal.

Once your wedding is confirmed, these delightful secrets will be unveiled, enhancing your experience to the fullest.

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