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Do you often find yourself frustrated with your hair’s inability to hold curls?

It’s possible that your shampoo, conditioner, or styling products are working against you, sabotaging your desired hairstyle.

Your hair’s primary function is to absorb, whether that be product, water, chemicals etc. For a style to last, it needs to absorb moisture and great styling products. This helps the longevity of your style, plus prevents frizz and damage from hot styling tools.

I would highly advise you to avoid products that include the following:

* Parabens

* Silicones

* Isopropyl Alcohol

* Sulphates

Some examples of products to avoid

Pantene, Palmolive, TRESemme, Sun Silk etc – these are some of the worst culprits. Most “cheap” supermarket brands have some or all of these ingredients. These nasties affect how your hair acts and handles styling products, which then affects your hairstyle.

In our Hair Queen and Hair Goddess Bridal Packages, a full sized pre-wedding haircare pack is included. Plus, as a little bonus for our Goddesses, a travel size shampoo and conditioner is included for your entire bridal party!

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